Saturday, March 14, 2020

Process Essay Essays

Process Essay Essays Process Essay Essay Process Essay Essay Process Essay Name: Institution: Process Essay Many people like going enjoy the outdoors, especially going for camps with their friends and families. While some have gained much experience from the camping trips they went to when they were younger, others have a bad experience because they are at a loss of what to do to take care of themselves. One of the most important activities that a person does when camping is making a fire. Some people have a difficult time trying to build a fire. They spend a long time trying to make the wood burn, and the whole area ends up filled with smoke. This negative experience can make some people hate camping. When making a campfire, a person should maintain high safety standards by controlling the fire and ensuring that he extinguishes it before leaving the area. Campfire is necessary for different purposes. Other than making food, it also helps people to keep warm. People tell stories around the campfire, and it helps to deter some unwanted visitors such as some animals away from the camp. There fore, it is essential to learn how to make a good campfire. Materials: Dry wood Kindling, this can include small twigs and branches Lighter/matches Tinder, which can include dry grass, paper, parts of plants such as tree barks and leaves Rocks Water Process: A person should ensure first that he or she makes the fire in an area where the earth is bare. The area should not have any dry grass or plants on it, and it should be far from any other vegetation such as trees A person begins by making a fire ring, which involves surrounding the area where he or she intends to build the fire with rocks Place the tinder at the center of the fire ring Use the lighter or match to ignite the tinder Add more tinder in the process, as it burns fast Add small pieces of the kindling to the tinder gradually, ensuring that it burns A person should continue increasing the kindling in the fire while ensuring that there is enough space for air Once the kindling has lighted nicely, add the dry wood fuel, one piece at a time, while ensuring that there is enough space between the pieces of woods to enable the passage of air Lay the pieces of wood in the fire in a way that they crisscross Points to Note: A person may need to blow at the base of the fire in case the fire goes out One should add the wood fuel only according to the size of the fire needed. Few pieces of wood will do if the person needs the fire for a short period Making the fire ring is essential because it helps to keep the fire under control Wet wood, kindling, and tinder will not light well A person should ensure that he does not build the fire near the tents A person should arrange the kindling and wood in such a way that there is enough space for air passage. This ensures that there is enough oxygen to keep the fire going A person should put out the fire once he is done with it by sprinkling water on the coals

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