Wednesday, February 26, 2020

AMPACK Computer Company Computer Platform Upgrade Essay

AMPACK Computer Company Computer Platform Upgrade - Essay Example This will help in the transmission and processing of different computerized jobs at hand. To accomplish this, a server that will serve for internet connection provider and a file server need allocation in the office setup. All computer units must have LAN cards installed and a server router or network switch provided to mediate the connection. Once you know what type of computer hardware and software you will need, it is time for you to decide whether you want to purchase for a desktop or laptop computer. To help you decide, we will list the major advantages and disadvantages of both types of computers. The type of computer you choose will depend on how you intend to use it. A portable desktop computer platform is used on a typical office setup, which can be adopted in the company's system. However, laptops are also applicable in some departments preferably the managerial branch to have it transferable if corporate meeting presentation is needed or other similar cases. Portability is more important than performance, because you need to move the computer routinely, choose a laptop. If you will be moving the system very frequently, consider a smaller-sized laptop. Choosing the right Operating System for AMPACK office infrastructure is easily managed since there are current systems involved. Installing Windows XP for the workstation platform and windows 2003 for the server could minimize the current software needs of employees for production jobs. Most computer software needed to do the task involved in production, accounting, and managerial are mostly based on windows environment. Preferring to use this operating system would minimize cost for an over-all adjustment if a new operating system will be used. Not only minimizing the cost for software adjustment but also minimizes the cost for future technical training to staffs who physically involves with the workstations on their daily task. In relation to that, our server will be under the Windows 2003 Server system. The concern for this is the reliability, security and robustness compared to other operating system. Windows 2003 Server edition offers a complete solution for a typical server. T his comprises the file server, internet, printer, email, DNS and database server. If we will consider using Linux and other operating system, the employees will have to adjust to the environment, which they currently are familiar. Software adjustment will be costly if we will use other operating system. Some may say that other software is free or is cheaper than windows but the software and hardware compatibility is limited. The software needed in the company's daily task may not be compatible to other operating system. Thus, windows based systems are encouraged to install because of its wide-range of compatibility that meets the company's requirements. Other than windows and Linux, Macintosh would be an expensive option. Many people are unaware of how easy and inexpensive it is to interconnect existing computers to form a small Local Area Network (LAN). If you are using Windows 2000/XP, no additional software is required to benefit from basic network functions such as shared use of directories, drives, or printers and the hardware costs are minimal. A network can substantially simplify internet access for two or more people. Of course, another reason for setting

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